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Effectuation in Action. How to get a lot of results with whatever resources that you have, right here, right now.

Have you ever face this challenge? You have a lot of ideas, but you have limited resources, limited time, and a lot of ambiguity in the project brief that you get from stakeholders, or maybe you are unfamiliar with the NEW problem / situation in your work.

Or you might found a lot of initiative that you can do to improve the baseline of the company or creating something interesting from your customers’ feedback… but you don’t know how to start…

As a designer, ability to produce innovative and creative ideas are your main core-strength that will have positive impact in your life, whether you are working as an employee in a company, or self-independent freelancer, or the owner of your own business.

Let’s learn together about Effectuation in Action – Get the next big idea, implement the idea to become more innovative and action-oriented to achieve a lot of amazing results!

This Effectuation in Action can be learned.. a lot of my students, my entrepreneurs, my mentees, my team, are able to get results by understanding this mindset and put it into action. And I hope… It will benefits you who learn with me right now.

One of the expert entrepreneur, once told me, “Deby you are natural-born effectual!!” after he asked and heard my life stories. I was curious what does it mean, I am a designer… Then I learn heavily to understand the philosophy. This term “Effectuation” was first introduced by Saras D. Sarasvathy, Author and associate professor in entrepreneurship. 

Remember the founder of Apple (Steve Jobs), AirBnB, Canva, – billion-dollar company – they are designers who make impact, differentiation product with the power of design.

1. MEANS: a Bird in my hands.

You don’t have to wait for the perfect opportunity or ideas. Instead take action based on what you already have: who you are (values, qualities), what you know (talent, skills, competence, etc.), and who you know (potential customers, friends, networks, etc.).

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” — Aristotle, Classical Greek philosopher and one of the founders of Western philosophy

2. GOALS: Smart Goal and Affordable Loss.

What you can do? That you, yourself, your team, can do right now better that anyone else in the market. What’s so unique about you? Your value proposition. You might have talent in illustration, selling, pitching, analysing, and other thing that you passionate about.

Affordable Loss: When you build a goal, don’t go all-in and lost everything at one, choose goals and action where there is upside even if downside ends up happening. 

For example, when you propose ideas, even when it fails, you get to learn, the feedbacks also the reputation as someone who initiate something instead of just wait order.

3. INTERACT: Lemonade Principle

With people you know, team, friends, potential customers, real-life users in the market. Just build the connection and networks. In here, you will be able to assessing opportunity. Find potential users and customers at all cost. If there is no commitment from your potential customers, or users, you can dump the bad ideas quickly or enter new market.

Lemonade Principle – In areas of uncertainty, become flexible. If you get bunch of high-quality lemon, sell it. If you get normal-quality that doesn’t looks tasty, make fresh lemonade. If your enemy throw lemonade at you, grab it all and create a brand. “Lemon Never Die.” Find potential users and customers for your product is the key to success.

4. COMMIT: Crazy-Quilt Foundation

Next, find the process of enlisting committed stakeholders in co-creating the new ideas. This cycles helps you to get supporters, funding, resources, everything you need to create the new results. When you design something, you don’t want to spend hours to keep changing without knowing what’s the goal you want to achieve.

There are two things can be happened:

  1. New greater means to pursue your ideas, with key partner, key resources.
  2. New set of goals, a better-refined goals that reduce your affordable loss.

5. RESULTS: Pilot in The Plane

Control the controllable. Not everything can be controlled, but by building your means, goals, interact and commitment, you become the pilot of your project. Not only waiting for your ideal situation to get results, instead make everything within your control. 

Personal control of your own destiny is important: It helps to increase your self-esteem and the stress reduction, whereas loss of control increases the feeling helplessness, mental health and depression. Deliver results, initiate ideas, and as the pilot of the plane (Leadership).

By expanding your cycle of resources, and action-oriented based learning, you will reach a greater height in your life, your career, your business.

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