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When the true innovation began outside your comfort zone, people called it “Disruption” innovation. Disruption will expose ideas in your current mindset with the opportunity of a breakthrough innovation that has a lot of potential growth for your team. 

Let’s say, your disruption idea to create new business model / design experience / customer-benefits that is better than your initial competitor. Growth-Hacking, Design For Business will allow you to pivot your business model according to your customers need. 

The ideal growth is an iterative idea-driven approach to help user discover brand experience beyond the normal result.

Step by step techniques to create a growth-hacking design strategy is an ongoing process of gathering data, prioritising jobs to be done, testing ideas, evaluating results, and analysing feedback to enhance your product or services. 

Based on implementation, you as a design innovator or growth hacker will be able to find out the best strategy to grow, while also eliminating those that don’t work.

Is there any case-study for me to understand?

The technique to keep looking for growth is called “Growth Engine”. It combines your creativity, action, and strategy to build innovation.

The most famous example of the growth hacking technique used in the past was from, a free email services began in 1996.

The Hotmail founders weren’t interested in traditional advertising such as advertisement on billboards, magazines, and radio. It was because the cost was too expensive for a free email services company. 

They solved their problem by using their own email as an advertising material. At the bottom of every email, they put a default Hotmail signature line that links back to their site. Because they turned every user as an advertiser, the network expanded to two million users within seven months period and thirty million users within thirty months.

There are many more example from Agoda, Apple, AirBnB, and So Many other companies that we can learn. I will share more case-studies next time.

What is the main important element for you to start?

The main important element that you need to be aware of when doing growth-hacking is data from your customers. 

Because the data isn’t always clear when you are just starting out…

The roadmap that you set based on your gut reaction might not what on your customers’ mind. Data is very important because it project the overall user experience of your product, from the moment…

  1. They become aware about your brand…
  2. The moment they spend their time to get to know about your each product…
  3. The moment they become interested about your offering… 
  4. The moment they decide to purchase your product…
  5. The moment they experience your product…
  6. and the moment they influence others about your brand. 

All of these data give you opportunities, potential to leverage your ideas for amazing growth result.

As long as you cleverly saw a gap in the market and leveraged it, you will see opportunities from all over direction beyond the normal ideas you have been following through. 

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