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What are Design Leadership goals? Goals = Vision + Strategy + Actions.

As design manager, you manage the team, projects, workload. But as Design Leader, you inspire, influence, and impact the organisation. 

So your job as leader, design owner, of your products is not just manage and designing thing, but also designing things right, create directions, shows the way, and provide key metrics to help the team.

As manager, focusing on creating new features instead of solving customer problems results in products and services that don’t serve real users. As leader, you change the mindset from “What we have done.” to “How valuable is the work that we are delivering!!”

Focus on Outcome (results), versus Outputs (features).

Give you an example:

There are the difference between reskin and revamp that many have missed. Reskin means Change color, design system look and feel, but same experience. Revamp means Look at user pain-paints. Design New experience (learnability).

As manager, as long as your team deliver the revamp, it’s done. BUT as leader / design owner, think, does this revamp useful, usable, and desirable?

When user have concern for old platforms, doesn’t mean it will be solved by just redesign. Instead, recommend you do Usability testing, to measure:

  1. User goals: can user / customer do 1-2 things successfully. 
  2. User Satisfaction: Does new platform really better than old one.

Then you can have strong-data to present to stakeholders and management, it also increase your design value in the organisation.

Many of designers do what we do because we love building awesome things. We don’t work in a vacuum, though, and sometimes we have to make the business case to managers, stakeholders and clients to be able to prioritise performance and achieve the success metrics as part of the user experience.

UX Success Metrics:

  1. Deliver the best outstanding experience possible
  2. Expand market share with new products/services
  3. Improve customer satisfaction level in each tough-points
  4. Increase sales / revenue, and retention / return customers
  5. Become or continue as the design industry leader!!
  6. Reduce cost of development, increase efficiency
  7. And Many more…

Whether consumers and users are researching, evaluating, or purchasing with your products / services. Make sure they have the best experience possible. Want to learn more? 

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