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How to make your team high-performance? How to remove rigid processes? How to gain trust-respect-admiration as design leader? Let’s learn Transformational Design Leadership!!

In my current team, I don’t want people just report me all the good news. But also all the problem, pain-points, challenges they face and help them to overcome it together and making everyone succeed.

I will share some examples that you can apply immediately to get results. How you can bring transformational results in your design team and your organisation as well. 

BUT… How if you are a individual contributor and not managing the team? These insights will also help you to influence and making impact with your stakeholders, your customers, senior management, and also people working with you.

It’s NOT about title, it’s about Trust, Respect, and Admiration. Making Impact and Helping everyone to succeed.

1. Enabling Action

Normal boss will just giving order and waiting for report. But you are different… You give everyone opportunity to do action, not blame them when they are wrong, you help to overcome challenges, and not just taking credits when they are due.

YOU as a Leader inspiring trust for your team member to grow, create opportunities, take action, and improve every single day.

2. Eliminate Unnecessary Processes

When the team scale and grow bigger, the entire way of doing things can become complex and messy. Normal boss will keep adding more and more and more process until every process become a loooong, confusing, and difficult to follow. 

YOU as Leader make decision. The only processes worth keeping are those that add value to the team and business. Eliminate obsolete processes — like too much approval-based processes — rigid wasting-time processes — and increase efficiency.

3. Empower The Design Vision

Transformational design leaders are energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate. Not only making things happens but also helping every member to succeed. 

What is a vision? A vision is an future outlook you want everyone to achieve together. And this is not only decided by you, but the entire team doing co-creation to create vision everyone want to go together. You are empowering everyone to become the best vision of themselves and making that vision the guiding principle to create strong design results.

4. Leading By Example

Create a culture with transparency, when people are working on stressful project you go to the battle and setup actionable example, when people are burn-out you help to reduce the workload with influence stakeholders expectation and even do the work yourself. Let everyone make the effort to reach goals together.

You don’t just push team members towards excellence but also you actively demonstrate that excellence. 

5. Encouraging The Heart

Become real human-being and treat everyone in your team as your superpower, and not just replaceable individuals. Truly caring about your people means setting real values and anticipating the best.

Not in the form of words, “Oh I understand your pain, I hear you, I get you…” and other kind words but doing nothing or even worse criticise them not good enough. Encouraging the hearts mean we-are-in-this-together, your team difficulties is your responsibility, and your team success is your biggest happiness.

Every team member is valuable (regarding their level, junior / mid / senior level), he / she is important, his / her contribution are acknowledged and rewarded, and we are connected to transform the entire design experience and provide the best customer service for our customers, organisation, and society. Making Impact as Awesome Design Leader.

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