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Customer Experience Bestseller Masterclass

Build Experience That Always Sell

Learn how to create awesome and memorable customer experience that drives sales and leave a lasting impacts.

Build Product, Brand, and Business With Customer Experience That Sells.

Today’s customers have more choices than ever, and they expect to be served well. A bad customer experience can lead to lost sales and a bad name. On the other hand, a good customer experience can lead to repeat business and good reviews that bring in even more people.

Over the course of several years, I have dedicated myself to refining my abilities in creating outstanding customer experiences in a wide range of industries. I have observed that a lot of the information about customer experience (CX) that is currently available is outdated and unnecessarily complicated. This often leads to unsatisfactory outcomes.

Here are the challenges you may be facing:

  1. Poor Product Experience: Investing time, energy, and resources in a product that fails to meet customer needs can lead to failure.
  2. Negative Sales Impact: Selling a product that generates complaints and frustrated customers can damage your brand’s reputation.
  3. The Forgotten Solution: Being perceived as a commodity with weak value means your product sells briefly and is soon forgotten.

After spending a lot of time doing research, gaining practical experience, and figuring out the best ways to do things, I felt a strong desire to share this knowledge with more people. And so, the idea for the book titled “Customer Experience Bestseller” came to life.

You will learn:

How to build great experience: start with you, identify problem worth solving, how to pick the right customer and test it, bring value to the market.

How to sell awesome value to your customers: sell more, more, and more. Turning crisis into opportunities, build the process, and scale the experience for the long-term.

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way around.” – Steve Jobs

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” – Jeff Bezos

“Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again, and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.” – Walt Disney

Customer Experience Bestseller is the answer to help you overcome these challenges. No matter if you have years of experience or are just beginning your career, this transformative journey will help you create memorable customer experiences that will boost your sales.

📖 CXBestseller Blueprint eBook

Provides a blueprint or step-by-step roadmap to build awesome and memorable customer experience that sells.

📹 CXBestseller Mastery Course

Designed to help you master the subject, understand in-depth, and learn the key in the enjoyable – concise course.

✍️ CXBestseller Editable Guide

You can edit the editable guide, help you to create implementation strategy that suits your work, product, and business.

Awesome Insights

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The CXBestseller bundle has three key components:

  • CXBestseller Blueprint eBook (86 pages)
  • CXBestseller Mastery Course (3 hours)
  • CXBestseller Editable Guide (10X)


This bundle is designed for self-paced learning, with most students taking approximately 30 days to fully absorb and implement the valuable content provided.

CXBestseller is the ultimate key of best practices for creating exceptional customer experiences that consistently sell. By joining, you gain access to proven methods for acquiring customers, building fan loyalty, spreading your message, and ensuring long-term retention.

The idea behind CXBestseller stems from years of practical experience, learning, and understanding what works (and what doesn’t) in the market. It serves as the key to unlocking the full potential of customer experience, enabling you to achieve the results you desire.

You can apply the strategies from CXBestseller immediately. Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting your journey in the realm of customer experience, you’ll gain valuable insights and step-by-step guidance to achieve your desired results.

For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. You can expect a response within 24 to 48 hours, ensuring you receive the support you need.

You’ll enjoy lifetime access to the CXBestseller bundle. After enrolling, you can access the course materials for as long as you like, on any device you own. This ensures you can revisit the content and continue learning at your own pace.

Hello, I am Deby Joevita

14 Years Experience, Award-winning Experience Design Leader

Voracious reader. Avid learner. Helping people and business to not only solving problems but also growing people to the next level by using empathy in the emerging markets. Her recent works are featured in 10X Business Growth Ambassador 2018, The Spark Awards for Media Excellence 2015, The 10th Annual W3 2015, SPH Digital Awards 2016, and International Design Awards 2014.


She wants to teach you how to become successful by having the right mindset by doing what you love. She meets a lot of setbacks along her entrepreneurial journey. She learns how to turn setbacks into opportunities and become the master of her craft. She will teach you the right processes and the right mindset to become successful and get what you want! Follow on Linkedin >

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